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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is US certification which is awarded by Institute of Management Accountant (IMA).
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What is Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?

The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) is the advanced professional certification specifically designed to measure the accounting and financial management skills that drive business performance. This prestigious certification is awarded by Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) US.

CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification will enable you to progress in your career…fast.

Who Can Do CMA? CMA Eligibility Requirements in UAE

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
  • ACCAs automatically qualify
Experience Requirements:

  • Must be full time experience
  • If part-time (20 hours per week) –2 years of part time equals 1 year of experience
  • Experience requirement can be completed before or after passing exams
  • Positions regularly employing the principles of management accounting and financial management e.g. Preparation of financial statements, Financial planning & analysis, Monthly, quarterly, and year end close, Audit, Budget preparation & reporting, Forecasting, investment decision making, Costing

What is CMA Exam Registration Process?

  1. Join IMA (Annual International Membership)
  2. Pay the CMA Certification Entrance Fee
  3. File an Exam Registration Form selecting the exam you wish to take and pay the indicated fees
  4. Receive a Registration acknowledgment form which provides your authorization number, testing window, the instructions for candidates, and access to the CMA Exam Support Package
  5. Schedule your exam appointment with Prometric Center (at least 4 weeks prior to exam date
  6. Appear for your scheduled exam appointment with the required identification documents

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I Want to Know Syllabus of CMA Part 1 & CMA Part 2

CMA Certification is divided into two parts: CMA Part 1 and CMA Part 2. Each part has one exam. You have to pass two exams in order to become CMA qualified.

Part One: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

15% – External Financial Reporting Decisions
20% – Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting
20% – Performance Management
15% – Cost Management
15% – Internal Controls
15% – Technology and Analytics


Part Two: Strategic Financial Management

20% – Financial Statement Analysis
20% – Corporate Finance
25% – Decision Analysis
10% – Risk Management
10% – Investment Decisions
15% – Professional Ethics

What is Exam Format of Certified Management Accountant (CMA)?

CMA Certification exam is divided into two sections: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) & Essay Type Question
Each exam will be of 4 hours (3 hours for MCQs + 1 hour for Essay Type Question)

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Per part: 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • MCQs have 4 options
  • No penalty for incorrect answers
  • Time Duration: 3 Hours

Essay Type Question

  • Per part: Two 30-min essay questions
  • Time Duration: 1 hour
  • No options in essay questions
  • Calculations and/or non calculations

When Can I Give CMA Exams?

  • Computer based: 2 parts
  • Each part can only be attempted once within a window
  • 3 testing windows: Jan/Feb, May/Jun, Sep/Oct
  • Must attempt one part within 12 months of entering the program
  • Expiry: Must complete both parts within 3 years

How scoring and grading is done in CMA Exams?

  • Must answer at least 50% of MCQs correctly to be eligible to sit for the essay part
  • 75% of marks from MCQs, 25% from essay
  • Each question has equal weight
  • Essay part will be graded off-line
  • The total score determines pass/fail
  • Different ‘forms’ of the exam –difficulty varies slightly
  • Minimum passing scaled score of 360 (scale of 0-500)

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