Apex Training Institute is now offering CMA Online Classes, which comprise of lectures given over the internet in real time. These classes will be tought by CMA certified instructor. As the CMA training is real time, students will have the chance to ask qustions, and interct with instructor. All lectuers will be recorded, so you can view them again. In addition, students enrolled in CMA Online Classes will be given complete study material.

What you can expect from us



Our CMA Online Classes use purpose built technology to maximse benefits of distance learning.


Trainer Interaction

Interact with your trainer during CMA Online Class and through whatsapp and email.


Syllabus Coverage

100% coverage of syllabus in CMA Online Classes to give students full confidence in exam.


Question Practice

Extenssive practice of exam standard questions through class & home assignments.

CMA Virtual Classroom Features

Online Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard is an effective way to deliver CMA Online Classes. 

Home Assignments

Trainer will provide customized home assignments to students.

Progress Tracking

Trainer will keep track of student progress by continuous monitoring.

Interactive Lectures

CMA Online Classes are delivered in an engaging and interactive way.

Classroom Interaction

Virtual hand raise & virtual ticks make learning in a virtual classroom fun

Study Material

Study materail provided in Online Classes.

Email & WhatsApp

Students are provided with traines’s email and WhatsApp.

Text Chat

Real time chat with trainer allow students to clarify  doubts real time. 

Class Schedule

CMA Online Classes are conducted at specified scheduled during weekends.

Mobile & Tablet

Works on Apple & Android phones & tablets

Group Classes

Group CMA Online Classes available for students to pass CMA.

One to One Classes

CMA Online Classes are available for students who need 1:1 classes.

Student Assistance

Exam standard CMA past practice questions are solved by trainer online to help students.

Online Whiteboard

Record & playback past classes.

How CMA Online Classes Work?

  • CMA lectures are delivered live. The session will have CMA certified instructor and a group of participants where the instructor delivers content using virtual classroom technology.
  • Students are provided with a platform to clear any CMA related doubts, ask questions and engage with other students.
  • Students can view, listen and interact with instructor just like traditional class.
  • Students have the freedom to pose any question and take part in question solving practice.
  • Students are provided with email and WhatsApp of instructor to ask question even after CMA Online Class.
  • Students are provided complete CMA study material to pass CMA exam in first attempt.

Book Demo for CMA Online Class

In depth explanation of CMA concepts
Online availability of study material
Audio & Video live streaming for students
Screen sharing by students and instructor
Real time interaction with instructor
Chat Module to ask post questions
Lecture recording option
Lecture recording option
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