Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part – 1

Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control

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CMA Part 1 Syllabus Components

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

CMA Part 1 Syllabus (click image to enlarge)

CMA Part 1

A. External Financial Reporting Decisions

  • Total syllabus area: 15%
  • Concepts related to different components of financial statements:
    1. balance sheet
    2. income statement
    3. statement of changes in equity
    4. statement of cash flows.
  • Valuation of different assets and liabilities
  • Operating and capital lease
  • Equity transactions
  • Revenue recognition
  • Revenue measurement
  • US GAAP and IFRS difference

C. Performance Management

  • Total syllabus area: 20%
  • Control and performance analysis:
    1. revenue
    2. costs
    3. profits
    4. investment in assests
  • Variance analyses based upon:
    1. flexible budget
    2. standard cost
  • Responsibility accounting for:
    1. revenue centers
    2. cost centers
    3. profit centers
    4. investment centers
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Balanced scorecard

E. Internal Controls

  • Total syllabus area: 15%
  • Corporate governance
  • Internal control risk
  • Internal control environment
  • Responsibility and authority for internal auditing
  • Types of audits
  • Assessing the adequacy of the accounting information system controls
  • Business continuity planning.

B. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Total syllabus area: 30%
  • Strategic planning process
  • Budgeting concepts
  • Annual profit plans and supporting schedules
  • Types of budgets:
    1. activity-based budgeting
    2. project budgeting
    3. flexible budgeting
  • Strategic planning and analysis
  • Forecasting techniques:
    1. regression analysis
    2. learning curve analysis

D. Cost Management

  • Total syllabus area: 20%
  • Basic cost accounting concepts and terminology
  • Cost measurement concepts
  • Cost accumulation systems:
    1. job order costing
    2. process costing
    3. activity based costing
  • Overhead cost allocation
  • Supply chain management
  • Business process performance topics:
    1. Just in time
    2. ERP
    3. theory of constraints
    4. value chain analysis
    5. activity based management
    6. continuous improvement and efficient accounting processes


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CMA Part 1 Exam Pattern

There are two components of CMA Part 1 exam. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Essay Type Questions


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Exam consists of 100 MCQs.
  • MCQs will come in random order, meaning exams do not follow any specific order of syllabus.
  • Time to complete MCQs: 3 hours

Essay Type Questions

  • Exam consists of 2 essay questions.
  • Each question can have multiple sub-questions.
  • Time to complete 2 essays: 1 hour
  • Essay questions can be theoretical and/or numerical.

CMA part 1 Classes, Training and Lecture Plan for Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Lecture Reference Chapter Reference Syllabus Specification Syllabus Reference
1 External Financial Statements and Revenue Recognition External Financial Reporting Decisions A
2 Measurement, Valuation, And Disclosure: Investments And Short-Term Items External Financial Reporting Decisions A
3 Measurement, Valuation, And Disclosure: Long-Term Items External Financial Reporting Decisions A
4 Cost Management Concepts Cost Management D
5 Cost Accumulation Systems Cost Management D
6 Cost Allocation Techinques Cost Management D
7 Operatinoal Efficiency and Business Process Performance Performance Management C
8 Analysis and forecasting Techniques Performance Management C
9 Budgeting – Concepts, Methodologies and Preparation Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting B
10 Cost and Variance Measures Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting B
11 Resposibility Accounting and Performance Measures Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting B
12 Internal Control – Corporate Governace Internal Controls E
13 Internal Control – Controls and Security Measures Internal Controls E

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