Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Part – 2

Financial Decision Making

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CMA Part 2 Syllabus Components

Strategic Financial Management

  • 20% – Financial Statement Analysis
  • 20% – Corporate Finance
  • 25% – Decision Analysis
  • 10% – Risk Management
  • 10% – Investment Decisions
  • 15% – Professional Ethics

CMA Part 2 Syllabus (click image to enlarge)

CMA Part 2

A. Financial Statement Analysis

  • Total syllabus area: 25%
  • Calculation and interpretation of financial ratios;
  • Evaluate performance utilizing multiple ratios;
  • Market value vs. book value;
  • Profitability analysis;
  • Analytical issues including impact of foreign operations, effects of changing prices and inflation, off- balance sheet financing, and earnings quality.

C. Decision Analysis

  • Total syllabus area: 20%
  • Relevant data concepts;
  • Cost-volume-profit analysis;
  • Marginal analysis; make vs. buy decisions;
  • Income tax implications for operational decision analysis;
  • Pricing methodologies including market comparable, cost-based and value-based approaches.

E. Investment Decisions

  • Total syllabus area: 15%
  • Cash flow estimates;
  • Discounted cash flow concepts;
  • Net present value; internal rate of return, discounted payback;
  • Payback;
  • Income tax implications for investment decisions;
  • Risk analysis; and real options.

F. Professional Ethics

  • Total syllabus area: 10%
  • Ethical considerations for management accounting professionals and for the organization.

B. Corporate Finance

  • Total syllabus area: 20%
  • Types of risk; including credit, foreign exchange, interest rate, market, and political risk;
  • Capital instruments for long-term financing; initial and secondary public offerings;
  • Dividend policy;
  • Cost of capital;
  • Working capital management; raising capital; managing and financing working capital;
  • Mergers and acquisitions; and international finance.

D. Risk Management

  • Total syllabus area: 10%
  • Types of risk including business, hazard, financial, operational, strategic, legal compliance and
    political risk;
  • Risk mitigation;
  • Risk management;
  • Risk analysis;
  • ERM


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CMA Part 2 Exam Pattern

There are two components of CMA Part 2 exam. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Essay Type Questions


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

  • Exam consists of 100 MCQs.
  • MCQs will come in random order, meaning exams do not follow any specific order of syllabus.
  • Time to complete MCQs: 3 hours

Essay Type Questions

  • Exam consists of 2 essay questions.
  • Each question can have multiple sub-questions.
  • Time to complete 2 essays: 1 hour
  • Essay questions can be theoretical and/or numerical.

CMA part 2 Classes, Training and Lecture Plan for Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Lecture Reference Chapter Reference Syllabus Specification Syllabus Reference
1 Ethics, Fraud and Risk Management Professional Ethics
Risk Management
F & D
2 Financial Markets and Types of Securities Corporate Finance B
3 Valuation Methods and Cost of Capital Corporate Finance B
4 Managing Current Assets Corporate Finance B
5 Corporate Restructuring and International Finance Corporate Finance B
6 Ratio Analysis Financial Statement Analysis A
7 Financing and Activity Measures Financial Statement Analysis A
8 Investment Decisions Investment Decisions E
9 CVP Analysis Decision Analysis C
10 Marginal Analysis Decision Analysis C

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